A Coworking Experience connecting government to the people

What is Coworking?

Coworking is just a fancy new name for a relatively simple idea: sharing your office with others to reduce company overhead. It can be hard for small businesses and entrepreneurs to start a business, and we’re here to make that a bit easier for you. We’re different than other office providers though because of our clientele. We admit that we have a niche, but Fayetteville fits it perfectly.


Why Eastern Foundry?

Our members are primarily government contractors, selling goods and services to the federal government. It’s a challenging industry, but we’ve assembled an awesome network of people, tools, and resources to make it easier to help you out. Fayetteville does around 3 billion dollars of federal work every year, and the proximity to Fort Bragg makes our office opening a no-brainer. We aim to help make great connections between D.C. and Fayetteville, and we’d love to have your businesses join our community.


What can you expect with an Eastern Foundry Membership?

  • A Beautiful Office
  • Three Conference Rooms for meetings
  • Member portal connecting government contractors worldwide
  • Access to our Educational Events
  • Optional Mailing Address in Arlington, VA 
  • Drop-in Privileges to All Eastern Foundry Locations